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5 Tips to Selling in a 55+ Community

August 7, 2020

If you are currently living in ac active adult community but are looking to make a move, here are 5 things you need to know as you prepare to sell your home.

List your Home with an Active Adult Community Expert

Choose a 55+/Active Adult Community expert in your area. Do one or
two agents take most of the listings in your community? Start with
them as they will have buyers for your community as well as knowledge
of values and details that will help sell your home.

Can’t find a Specialized Agent? Try This Tip

When buying and selling in a 55+ community you are buying and selling a lifestyle as well as a home.

Can’t find a community expert agent? Look up your area/community on and contact them thru the website.

Your request will go directly to an area 55+ expert who knows yours and other 55+ communities in your area.

Find an Agent with an SRES Designation

Choose an agent with the SRES designation, Seniors Real Estate Expert. This designation means the holder has had special training to deal with an older demographic including the most effective ways to market to them. Google SRES Realtor in your area.

Know the Marketing Plan

Ask the agent you are considering what their specific marketing plans are to sell your home.

How will they get the word in front of the right buyers? Selling in an active adult or age restricted community is much different than listing a home an other neighborhoods. These homes are targeted for very specific buyers and your agents marketing plans should reflect that.

Price Your Home Correctly

Price your home correctly. Do not start high thinking you can always come down. Homes in specific niches, such as a 55+ community, have people with searches that are notified when a home comes up in their preferred area or community.

If you are priced too high they may not even look at your listing and go on to the next one. If they have been looking in your area they will have a good idea, probably better than you what your home should sell for. You do not want your home to get stale on the market.

Choose a Qualified Agent, not a Friend

Do not choose your agent because they are family, friends, someone
your neighbor knows etc, unless they are also a 55+ Community expert.
This is a specialized market requiring specialized knowledge and marketing skills.

Next Blog entry will provide a downloadable or printable Community Comparison Chart to help you keep track of communities as you research and tour them.


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