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January 25, 2020

Welcome to 55 Better Active Adult Living

I am a 55+ community specialist and I live in a 55+ Active Adult Community. I will be sharing my knowledge, experience, and insights to help you decide if this lifestyle is for you, how to find the right Active Adult Community to fit your needs, wants and budget, special financing options for seniors and much more. I will explain the different types of communities, 62+, 55+, age targeted, and age restricted all lumped together under the term Active Adult Community.

If you are considering moving to a 55+ community this is the place to start your journey. The information I provide will save you countless hours of research and provide useful practical information to make this process less daunting.

Making the Move to Active Adult Living

The first step in every move is the decision to sell (or leave) your current home. At the stage of life where you are considering 55+ living you often have lived in your present home for a long time and accumulated a lot of stuff. Stuff that you no longer need or have room for once you “Rightsize” (much better than downsize which sounds negative) into your new home. The decision to part with accumulated stuff is two fold.

First is the emotional decision, this is often the hardest. Do you really need or want your children’s first grade artwork in a box in the basement you have not looked at in 30 years or your great grandmother’s dining room table and chairs for twelve with matching breakfront (full of 3 sets of china and crystal) and a matching buffet?

Once you have made the emotional decision the second is the practical application or what to part with and how to get rid of it. Throw it away? Give it to the kids (do they even want it)? Sell it? How much is it worth? Another option, if your budget permits, is keep all of your possessions and move them to your new home, more of a same sizing move than a rightsizing one. Budget restraints not withstanding, many people look at this move as a way to deal with these things now so your children will not have to later. You need to decide what to keep or not, as your budget allows, before looking for your new home.

Until the next installment where I will explain the different types of Active Adult Communities I am living like I am always on vacation in Bailey’s Glen, Cornelius, NC.


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