A Typical Day of 55+ Community Tours

June 15, 2020

Preparing for 55+ Community Tours can be exciting and overwhelming. With the help of your 55+ Real Estate Expert, you have done all your research, checked out lots of communities online, figured out your financial budget for a home purchase, as well as your monthly expenses. If you are financing, you have been prequalified by a lender, and finally, you have narrowed down your search to a handful of 55+ communities in a given area that you want to look at.

What to do Before Starting Your 55+ Community Tours

Before starting your tour day check the local weather and dress accordingly.  Wear appropriate footwear, comfort over fashion, as this will be a long tiring day. Do not bring pets as most communities do not allow them in the models and amenities and it may well be too hot or cold for them in the car.  Bring a notebook or clip board and pen.  You will be taking notes.  Most communities also allow pictures to be taken.

Tour day is finally here and you are meeting up with your agent for the first time in person. You will most likely spend the day with your 55+ Real Estate Expert in their car. If you do not already know the area you want to relocate to, your agent should tour the area pointing out

  • highlights
  • dining options
  • shopping centers
  • transportation
  • medical facilities
  • and other points of interest like Golf venues near the community you will be searching

What to Expect When Touring a 55+ Community

Once in the community, you will be asked to register and assigned to a community sales agent.  If the community boasts a lot of amenities you will often be directed to tour those first.  You are, after all, purchasing not just a home, but a lifestyle and the clubhouse is considered an extension of your home.   

Once you begin your tour of the model homes your sales Rep and agent will narrow down  3-5 models that fit the parameters of your specific needs and within your preferred budget.  You can always increase your budget if you do not find what you want at the price range you originally suggested if you are financially able to do so.   

The Benefits of Touring 55+ Communities in Person

While online research is essential it does not give you a feel for the community that you are able to get from a “boots on the ground” approach. You may drive into the community and immediately tell your agent, “this will not work.”  Be honest, don’t waste time and effort and don’t compromise on finding a 55+ community you truly love. 

I cannot tell you how many times clients had their list of perfect communities only to find all or some did not suit their preferred lifestyle at all.  I have recommended communities to clients, after meeting them and hearing their comments about an area or a community, that were not even on their radar and it turns out to be “the one”.  Yet another reason to have a 55+ community expert working for you.  

Be flexible, don’t get discouraged, and do give your agent feedback.  You are not going to hurt your 55+ Expert’s feelings, they want you to be happy. 

Do not forget to eat and drink during the day, most newer communities with tour centers provide snacks and drinks, ask if you need either one.  You should also tell your agent any dietary requirements ahead of time so they can plan your day accordingly.

How Many 55+ Communities Should I Tour in One Day?

Lastly, know that in all likelihood, you will only have time to view 2-3 communities, especially ones with a lot of amenities, in a day.  Not only will you run out of time, but you will be mentally and physically exhausted and all the homes begin to merge into a big jumble. 

It is crucial to take notes about what you liked and disliked about the area, the community,  amenities, homes, and which models you liked best.  Trust me you will not remember!! 

If you have another day to tour it will be a repeat of the first.  Depending on your time frame for buying this may be your first or only trip before deciding on your new home and community.

The next blog topic in this series will be  The top 5 Reasons for moving to an Active Adult Community.

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