Choosing a Location to Start Your 55+ Community Search

May 17, 2020

Like any decision to relocate there are primary secondary and sometimes several more reasons for choosing a particular location move to. It’s important to identify your reasons and prioritize them.


If you are moving to be closer to family you will want to choose a community within a certain driving time from them. Notice I did not say distance. In some locales, Atlanta for example, distance from south Atlanta to north Atlanta may only be 30 miles, however in peak traffic times this can result in an hour and forty five minute commute. Even in non peak times there is considerable traffic in this area so you will drive at least an hour.

This also goes for drive time to a particular interest or facility, be it golf courses, hospitals, theater etc. As you can see, drive time is much more important than actual distance. Once you have identified drive time you can know narrow down the area around your family in which to search for a community. Then you can prioritize your other considerations for moving and see what drive time is to them as well.

In some cases you will have a limited amount of communities to consider, however in more populated areas there will be several choices. In the Charlotte/Lake Norman area where I am there are 59 active adult communities to consider.


Your priority to move maybe something other than location, mine was weather. I moved from Florida where it is hot and humid 10 1/2 months of the year and no seasons to speak of. I moved to a community where there are four distinct mild seasons. Some of my other considerations were proximity to the mountains for day trips, within a 45 minute drive to an airport, within 30 minutes of uptown of a major city,and to have plenty of dining and shopping options nearby. Once I prioritized my location requirements I looked for communities that fit my other considerations, size, budget, amenities etc.

Different locations for Active Adult Communities will also command higher prices than others so you may need to balance your preferred location with your budget for a new home.

In the next installment of 55 Active Adult Living I will be discussing new construction vs resales.


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