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Step by Step Moving Planner

August 6, 2021

Let’s face it, moving is stressful. Having a guide to help plan an organized and coordinated move can eliminate a lot of the stress.

Two Months Before

Research Moving or truck rental options.

Get in-person, written estimates, and references for multiple companies including storage if needed.

Prioritize your stuff.

Determine what to keep, get rid of, donate or sell. Explore options for donating and selling.

Compile Records

Get all necessary records, medical, legal, dental for all family members including the furry ones.

Stay Organized

Start a binder for all estimates and receipts related to your move, these may later be used for tax credits or deductions.

6 Weeks Before

Secure Moving Plans

Schedule a moving date or reserve a truck if you are planning a self-move.

Change of Address

Complete a change of address form at the post office or online at usps.gov. Beware of fake but authentic-looking websites other than usps.gov that claim to do this for a fee.

Start Packing

Pack things you will not need until after you move. Seasonal clothing and decorations are two of examples these. Cleary label each box with its contents. Print labels with your name and address and adhere to each box. More than one families items can be on the same moving truck.

4 Weeks Before

Inform Others

Send your new address to friends and family.

Notify important parties including, banks, credit cards, insurance companies, magazines, and subscriptions.

Utilities & Coverage

Schedule Disconnection of current utilities and connection of them at your new residence.

Contact insurance company to get new coverage for your new home and make sure you have coverage of your possessions for the move.

Research new medical providers.

2-3 Weeks Before

Out of State Changes

Transfer your car registration and driver’s license if moving out of state.


Recycle things you are discarding like plastics and electronics.

Organize Files For New Owners

Make a folder for the next owner of your home with any manuals for appliances, and warranties that transfer. Include may information your buyer may find helpful including lawn care and house cleaners. Be sure to include your new address so the buyer can forward any mail.

1 Week Before

Confirm dates with movers and truck rentals if using.

Confirm travel arrangements and pack an essentials kit for medicines etc that you will need until your moving truck reunites you with your possessions.

1 Day Before

Double-check all closets, basements, garage, etc are empty

Disconnect and prepare any appliances you are moving.

Confirm accommodations in a new location until occupying your new home.

Arrange day/pet care during the move.

Moving Day

Damage Documentation

Confirm in writing any missing or damaged goods by movers and keep a copy.


Show movers where boxes and furniture go (your labeling will be invaluable).

Treat Your Movers

Be prepared to pay movers and have the cash to tip them if warranted. Not a bad idea to order pizza and have water available during the move for the movers as well.

Enjoy your new home!!


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