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Why Do I Need a Realtor to Purchase New Construction?

May 6, 2021

Contrary to popular belief, buying a new construction home directly from the builder does NOT save you money. Having a personal Realtor can benefit you as the buyer in many ways. 

Your Realtor Works For You

The Builder’s sales agent represents the builder, not you. Your Realtor will tell you the pros and cons if any regarding a particular builder, floor plan and/or community. Your Realtor can point out any negatives for floor plans, options and or lot location for resale purposes. Even if you say you plan to never move again, at some point the home will be sold.

Your Realtor will advocate on your behalf for any disputes or questions with your builder from building through closing. Your Realtor will watch your home during construction.  This is especially important if you are relocating from out of town and will not be there to watch the building progress yourself. There is a lot of work behind the scenes when it comes to building a new construction home. 

The Best Price

Your Realtor can often negotiate a better price than the one quoted by the Builder. If you buy directly from the buyer, you will be paying the price that is quoted by the Builder. Your Realtor will help you understand your contract. Realtors are educated and trained on how to read contracts and to know what to look for. Your Realtor can assist you in understanding your financing options as compared to the ones the builder may offer.

You don’t want to pay a Realtor commission? No worries! As the “seller”, the Builder pays the Realtor’s commission. 

In short, yes, your Realtor works for you, negotiates for you, and looks out for your best interest but is paid by the Builder.  Why would you not have your own Realtor?


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